Sunday, 16 November 2008

A new free cross stitch pattern

Ok, maybe it's not 'properly' new - but there is now a green version of the free downloadable Mario Mushroom cross stitch pattern available to download (over on the right, there).

I have created and posted it response to a request via etsy from Rachel (Hi, Rachel!).

A request! Can you believe it? I'm so chuffed... :o)

I will probably expand the collection with a blue one and/or a yellow one in the following weeks, depending on time and stuff.


Cross Stitch For Free said...

Oh, those look so adorable; I've always love those mushrooms :) Do you have other free charts that you would like to promote? You can join our coming blog carnival; check out our main page and click on the Blog Carnival image to find out more about it. Have fun with your stitching projects.

Friendly Flamingo said...

Thanks, Cross Stitch For Free! I've just taken a look at your site and am very impressed! I'm definitely looking forward to the blog coarnival...