Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm back! (again)

Let me try again - lol. I obviously wasn't prepared for the demands of parenthood when I last blogged - but I'm feeling much 'bloggier' right now ;o)

So - Catrin is now 22 months old and I'm 6 months pregnant (!). I've left my job and bought a franchise with, teaching baby signing to babies and young toddlers. I've just sold my house and bought a fantastic new sewing machine and overlocker - a Janome 4900 and Janome 8002D (seemed like a fair use of the money to me!), and I'm going to my first quilting class next week.

I haven't done much crafting over the past couple of years, but there have been bits and pieces, which I will post up here when I feel I have nothing more current to share :o)

So there we, are, that's me and my news over the past year and a half - how have you been?

Just to finish, here's a picture of a summer dress I made for Catrin using a free pattern from Burda Style, slightly altered to make it a bit longer and more similar to Bread and Jam's dresses. The fishy fabric is a Michael Miller bought from Fancy Moon and the lining is also 100% cotton, bought from a local fabric shop (I can't remember the manufacturer name, sorry).

The sun hat / bandanna was cobbled together from spare scraps of fabric, and my favourite part, which you can't see in this photo, is the matching knickers from a pattern on Prudent Baby.

Right then, see you soon!

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