Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A present!

I have much to blog, but not much time in which to blog it, so I'm going to make do with this image of a present T brought back for me from LA...

It's a money box! It's fantastic! She also bought me a lovely cotton embroidered tote, but I haven't photographed that.

Next time I will try to upload pictures of my new (old) knitting machine, which I haven't yet worked out how to use, a clock, and any other stuff which might be interesting.

But not tonight. I'm going to have a cup of tea instead.

1 comment:

yoursandi said...

I found you at last. So glad that I did, too. You have re-inspired me to create, create, create!

I loved reading your blog and the pictures were wonderful.

I am at flickr as picable, but known here as yoursandi. (You visited my blog) Have a cyberhug and keep stitching, you're work is fantastic!