Thursday, 31 January 2008

More cross stitch, some Japanese and a slice of cake

The mega-cross stitch is still plodding along, here is is so far:

Ignore Me

There's still loads left to do - I'm not even half way through it yet - I have at least another 2 or 3 months stitching ahead of me, assuming that I don't get fed up and abandon it part-way through in favour of new, more exciting and faster projects.

I've got to say though, she's looking good!

I've also been hard at work learning my Katakana (a japanese alphabet) following my first Japanese lesson on Tuesday. It was brilliant and has got me all enthused. So far I can write 8 of the 46 characters without cheating. Yay me! This is my homework so far...

Ignore Me

In other news - I have discovered a fantastic blog that deserves a mention... Cake Toursim is a fantastic blog dedicated to cakes. We like cake. Here is a pictuer of cake. I've blogged it previously, but I have no other cake pictures yet. I will have to take some.

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