Monday, 2 June 2008

Free knitting pattern

I've written the pattern and I've put it up. (Look over there on the right....)

Yay me!

I must admit that I haven't tested or proof read the pattern yet, though... If anybody knits this and notices any mistakes, or needs anything clarifying or explained - please let me know and I'll try to make it better.

And just for lovely Ruth, because you asked so nicely, and because I like you so very much, (frantic, cheerful waving), here is a close up of the bag to show some of the felting.
It hasn't felted absolutely and completely - maybe because of the amount of acrylic in the yarn, or maybe because I didn't felt it for long enough. Having said that, I like that you can still see the knit stitches, and it's a nicely dense and robust fabric now, that should be able to cope with carrying all my stuff without having pencils or car keys poking through and jabbing me in the leg.


Ruth said...

Cool! You're awfully clever!

Johoanna said...

What a great pattern! Have you thought of adding it to ?

Friendly Flamingo said...

Thanks, johoanna - I'm really pleased you like it!

I hadn't heard of Ravelry until you mentioned it - It looks brilliant, I've submitted my request for membership. :o)