Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Two weekends ago....

I wrote a long, intricate and really interesting blog entry on the weekend, telling you all everything that I had done the weekend before, but something went wrong with Blogger and it disappeared without a trace.

I'm afraid I threw some of my toys into a corner and had a mini-sulk from Blogger. But I'm over it now, and I will try to quickly recap on the blog entry that was lost.

We went to a car-boot sale the weekend before last. We went to buy some specific pieces, but instead bought hair clippers for the cat, a huge bag of buttons for 50p (look at all the buttons!)...

... and a "Super Badge-It" machine for £2. I love the badge machine - it's brilliant! I did waste some of the fittings and stuff on my first attempts by putting the backs in upsisde down, putting them in the wrong bits, and putting the back and front in the same hole (I'm not always very bright), but after about half an hour, I made these...

And I think they're lovely! The fairies are from some Paperchase wrapping paper I bought about ten years ago, and the gingham is a scrap of fabric and a snippet of ribbon. I want to make more and more, but I've put it away for the moment, so I can think about what I want to make - the badge pieces are non-industry standard, so are too expensive to waste!

I've started knitting another bag. I'm using the green Rowan Spray I bought at the same time as the red Rpwan Spray (I showed them a few posts ago), and I'm using it as an opportunity to test and proof-read the knitting pattern up there in the corner. I've already found a couple of errors, so I will be updating that when I'm finished. I'm also making a couple of alterations to the bag's design. I've been able to take the red bag out a coupl eof times, and have come to the conclusion that the bag size and the strap length are perfect, although the flap needs to be longer, and it needs two chunky buttons to keep the flap down.

I'm now on www.Ravelry.com - take a look, it's awesome! And befriend me if you find me, I'm on there are as friendlyflamingo (naturally!)

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