Sunday, 24 February 2008

Manon de la Fleur

I was going to spend all day today doing house-worky stuff. And I have done some, and I will do some more after lunch. But the laundry-sorting unearthed a couple of torn vests. I hate waste, and the vests were too pretty for relegation to dusters. And the sewing machine was still set up downstairs....

So, meet Manon de la Fleur,

A stylish little madamoiselle, Manon embraces life and love. Her favourite foods are creme caramel and parma violets, her favourite scent is Rose Otto, and her favourite song is Lilac Wine (Eartha Kitt's recording, of course). She dislikes cheese, carbonated drinks and reality TV programmes.

She'll be spending her Sunday afternoon on a sunny windowsill, catching up on her reading.

Meanwhile, I will be cleaning, tidying and hoovering.

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