Friday, 29 February 2008


This is Gregory. He has come from a Wee Wonderfuls pattern that I downloaded ages ago, but which doesn't seem to be on her blog any more.

We had thought that Gregory was going to be a girl. After the stuffing, though, it became apparent that he is a boy. He would get more than a little sniffy if he thought he had ever been considered to be the tiniest bit feminine, so we shan't let on.

He has a bit of a limp, his front leg being a touch smaller than the other three, but he manages perfectly well and is a bit touchy about the trunkated limb. This is something else which is best not to discuss in his presence.

I realise that these last two statements may suggest that that Gregory can sometimes be a bit grumpy. This might be a little bit true - but we all get grumbly sometimes, and we all have things we'd rather not think about or discuss. Gregory is a perfectly lovely pig, and I would hate for you to think ill of him before being properly introduced.

He wanted a Fez. I dried to dissuade him, but he was adamant. I'm not sure it's a very succesful attempt at millinery, but he's thrilled, and is now happily muttering "Just like that!" in the corner, much to the disgust of the cat, who's trying to have a nap.

We both thought it would be nice to announce his arrival with an immediate blog entry and photo, but neither of us is very happy with the photo. I'm unhappy with the composition and lighting, and Gregory has noticed that the seam of his fez is in the picture, and that he has a huge cat hair on his nose.

However, It will do for now. We might take another tomorrow.

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