Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A Purse for Miss A

On Monday lunchtime I was out with Miss A for a proper, ladylike, sit-down-and-gossip lunch. On our way there she was rummaging around the bottom of her bag, handing me keys, tissues, cards and general bag detritus for some money, searching for some dinner money.

"Where's your purse?", I asked her,

"I don't have one", she replied, "Oooh, look - a fiver!", she brandished a crumpled note in my direction and started to cram her belongings back into her bag.

"Right, then", I said, "I'll make you one tonight."

So I did, and here it is:

It's a very small purse, but this was intentional, as it was one of her few criteria for an ideal purse - small, vegetarian, but that would hold her cards and cash. And I only had a limited choice of fabric, since most of my stash is in storage while the house is (not) selling - but I think it worked out ok.

I will wrap it up prettily in a piece of pink tissue and some cherful, floral wrapping paper this evening, ready to give it to her next time I see her. I hope she likes it.

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