Tuesday, 4 March 2008


A prety picture of pretty daffodils - because they're pretty and I like them. I bought them on Friday in the hope that they'd be open for St David's day - but they only really opened up today. Aren't they lovely and beautiful and cheerful? (Please don't pay any attention to the grubby window and the pots in the back garden - the house is still a work in progress...)

... And a quick update on my cross stitch, which I picked up again recently after a bit of a break. I have a lot of green stitching ahead of me. A LOT of green stitching.

Standing over the Kewpie cross stitch is a new little Pointy Kitty. She will also be a gift, so will not be named today. She's very interested in the cross stitch, but is also a little camera shy, because neither of us is convinced by the choice of buttons used for her eyes. She has agreed to pose prettily for the camera only when I've been to the market to get some of the black buttons the previous Pointy Kitty had for eyes.

Edit to add: the buttons in the market are actually brown, not black. This is important.

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