Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cross stitch patterns

I've gone cross stitch crazy since opening my little Etsy shop yesterday, and have added two new Cross stitch patterns - Little Kokeshi Doll and Sir Terry Wogan. Seriously - Terry Wogan - I'm so excited! I really, really hope somebody buys it and stitches it, and if they do, I really really hope they send me a picture of the finished item!

I've had to drag myself away from the cross stitch software now, because I have to do my Japanese coursework. But my mind is a-buzz with cross stitch ideas... They're mostly based on my own photos, so I don't need to worry about copyright - but I really ought to read up on copyright law if I'm likely to want to use anybody else's images.

Can anyone recommend a good, concise and easy to understand guide to international copyright law?

Here's a free cross stitch pattern to download. I made it, but the image belongs to Nintendo so I can't take any credit for that!

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