Friday, 7 March 2008

It's all in the eyes

I have a day off work today! Hurrah! I have many fun things planned, including meeting with a friend for lunch, playing with the sewing machine, maybe some cross stitch (if I'm feeling feisty), and, of course, NOT BEING IN WORK (hahahahahaaaaaa!)

But - first things first.

I've been wracked with guilt over poor Green-Pointy-Kitty's eyes. She was inconsolable when she saw the eyes I gave her. We had tears and tantrums. There were accusations and recriminations. It was terrible. I've been feeling wretched over the entire episode.

I have, however, since been shopping and purchased some replacement eyes, along with a shiny bell as a gift of apology.

For documentation purposes only, Green-Pointy-Kitty agreed to let me photograph the offending features....

Seriously - have you ever seen anything more frightening in your life? Even now, I can't look at the photo without swearing aloud and laughing.

I suppose it was an easy mistake - I went to the fabric shop last weekend, and they didn't have the little buttons from the market, but I saw these - green shell buttons, and I thought they'd make perfect little cat eyes. They were a little bit dearer too at 48p each, and I (mistakenly) equated expensiveness to appropriateness. Silly me.

Happily I managed to get to the market during the week, and bought a load of the little brown buttons (3p each - bargain!). This morning Green-Pointy-Kitty and I sat down with scissors and thread, and started putting things to right. Following some lengthy discussion the three of us (me, Green-Pointy-Kitty and Lovely J) decided that it was also necessary to replace her mustachio-stylie black and droopy whiskers with some daintier, more feminine white ones.

We now have a much happier Green-Pointy-Kitty, who will hereafter be known as Pretty-Green-Pointy-Kitty.

(Note: Pretty-Green-Pointy-Kitty was made from the free download pattern at Wee Wonderfuls.)

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