Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oooh, I've had the lurgy...

And it was bad.... I was near enough on death's door. I was so ill that, at one point on Monday, I PUT DOWN MY CROSS STITCH...

(Pause for dramatic effect)
It's true. But fear not, I have recovered and am well again.

I don't have a huge amount to report - except I had a parcel from Amazon through the post today... the new Craft: magazine. Yay! Here's a picture, along with that cross stitch again.

There are many exciting things in there that I want to make. But there are many exciting things everywhere that I want to make, and I can't possibly make everything I fancy. The worry is that I won't get to make anything.... but I suppose that's fairly unlikely.
Other news - Blue Pointy Kitty has gone to her new home.
The cross stitch is looking good, don't you think? I'm just about half way there (there are a LOT of strawberry leaves to stitch) - so, by my reckoning I have another 3 months of green stitching until I finish it. But it'll be awesome when it's done!

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