Sunday, 30 March 2008

Meet Maud

I managed to finish that little mini-project I grumbled about in my last blog entry. It was intended to be a little keyring to replace the almost (but not quite) ripped-all-the-way-through leather keyfob attached to my car keys.

The mini-project turned into Maud:

Maud is a very proper, kind and lovely lady, who keeps an eye on my driving and helps me find parking spaces. While she disapproves of any unladylike behaviour from me, she does (if she thinks nobody's paying attention) mutter rude words about inconsiderate drivers under her breath.

Maud is very light and deliciously squidgy. I have finally hit on the optimum amount of stuffing to retain form and squidyness. (Some of my previous softies haven't been particularly soft, due to over-enthusisatic stuffing.)

More news - I have made a new cross stitch pattern for Etsy, which I hope will do ok - AND, no sooner than I had re-posted the Kokeshi Doll pattern than it sold again! That's TWO patterns sold this weekend! (I still haven't broken even though -due to the Etsy fees to post the patterns and the money I paid for a showcase slot that got me no new viewings at all because I did it wrong!)

I still haven't repaired my sewing machine. I may have to look at that during the week, I don't think I have the inclination to pull it all apart this evening.

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